Chris Christensen - Shampoo

Chris Christensen has developed a line of speciality shampoos to meet the rigorous needs of owners, handlers and groomers of show dogs, pedigree dogs and cats. Each product has been formulated to meet the specific and unique needs of each coat type.  You will be amazed at the results you will get with from these uniquely designed products.

Stand-Alone Shampoos

Clean Start - Super Cleans All Coat Types
Peace and Kindness - Cleans With Colloidal Silver for Extra Sensitive Skin

Saving Grace - Removes Stains. Ideal for Urine Stains 

Shampoos (with matching Conditioners)

Day to Day - Gentle Enough to Use Every Day
Spectrum One - Cleans and Enhances a Crisp Coat
Spectrum Five - Cleans and Nourishes a Smooth Coat
Spectrum Ten - Cleans and Enhances a Drop Coat
Ice on Ice - Cleans and Facilitates Detangling and Dematting
Miracle Moisture - Cleans and Super Moisturizes Dull, Lack Lustre Coats

Miracle Repair - Cleans and Repairs Damaged Coats

2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Happy Eyes - Formulated for Puppy Coats. Will Not Irritate Eyes

Fair Advantage - Shampoo and Conditioner in One

Waterless Shampoo (No Rinse)

Show Off - Waterless, No Rinse Shampoo Spray
Self Rinse - Waterless, No Rinse Shampoo Spray with a Whitener

OC Magic Foam - Waterless, No Rinse Shampoo (Foaming Pump) 

Colour Enhancing Shampoo

White on White - Enhances White Coats and Get the Yellow Out
Black on Black - Enhances Black Coats and Get the Blue and Brown Out
Gold on Gold - Enhance the Gold Tones
Red on Red - Enhance the Red Tones (caution ... only use on truly red coats)

Note: Black, Gold and Red can be mixed together in different portions to enhance various shades of Brown and Red.

Smart Groom

6 Different Shampoos with High Dilution Rates and Unique Fragrances that are Formulated Specifically for Professional Groomers

  • Cherry & Oats
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Papaya Starfruit
  • Jungle Apple
  • Hydrating Chamomile
  • Hypo-Allergenic

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