Doodle Grooming Kits

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We have a selection of Grooming Kits for every size Doodle and Coat Type.

Doodle Grooming Kits start you off with either the Miraculous Wood Pin Brush or the Amazing Ice Slip Brush. Train your dog to love being brushed with either of these brushes.

Ice on Ice Detangling and Brushing Spray will soften the tangles and mats and condition the coat so it is less likely to break while being brushed. Use it whenever you are brushing your Doodle. 

Eliminate all the mats and tangles with the Big K or Big G - Long Pin Slicker Brushes. The Big K (Sparse Pins) is great for Wavy Coats and can be used to brush in a more traditional manner.

The Big G (Dense Pins) makes quick work of problems in dense or curly coats as you "line-brush" those problems away.

Choose the Right Kit for the Coat Type:

  • Big K Kit - Straight or Wavy coats
  • Big G Kit - Curly Coats

Pick The Right Brush for Everyday Grooming:

  • Wood Pin Brush for coats less than 1" or with long, thin hair
  • Ice Slip Brush for coats 1" - 2" long with thicker, dense hair

Small Breed Kits for Dogs < 20 lbs

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