Chris Christensen Specialty Shampoo Guide




“What shampoo should I use?” We have a ton of options, and while that’s great, it also can get pretty confusing. This shampoo guide can help you find the right shampoo for you and your dog or cat.


There are different ways to break down our shampoos into categories, but the simplest way to make sure that you get the right shampoo for your needs, is to break it down by what the shampoo DOES.


 Clean Start is a clarifying shampoo. It removes dirt, dander, debris and oils from the coat without stripping the coat of its natural oils. This shampoo is perfect for owners who bathe their dog infrequently, or for a show bath. It works great on all coat types.


Day to Day is a gentle, soothing and moisturizing shampoo made with colloidal oatmeal that is designed for – you guessed it – day to day use. (See what we did there ;)) This shampoo works on all coat types and hair textures and is excellent for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Day to Day is a great option to lightly moisturize skin and coat without changing the coat texture.


Pro-Line Fair Advantage is a premium body building, moisturizing 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. This smooth formula adds body and volume while gently moisturizing the skin and coat. This is perfect for breeds that need volume but allows for a soft texture. This is my #1 recommendation for cats!


Fresh Faced 2-in-1 Tearless Shampoo is a gentle, soap-free moisturizing formula that doesn’t burn or hurt the eyes! We recommend that this shampoo be used on all puppies and kittens until 4 months of age! It will not harm the soft sensitive skin and coat that puppies and kittens have, and it works excellent as a facial shampoo for older dogs! This shampoo is a great choice for any age canine or feline that has extremely sensitive or delicate skin.


The newest addition to our shampoo line, Ice on Ice Detangling Shampoo, has been an instant hit and a family favorite! Made with Argan Oil, this shampoo gently loosens knots and tangles and helps prevent them from forming! Argan Oil not only helps remove and prevent tangles, it also adds shine, and even helps strengthen hair. This is a must-have shampoo for drop breeds and breeds prone to tangling! It can be used on all coat types without changing the natural texture of the coat.

*For best results follow this with Ice on Ice Detangling Conditioner for the best results!


Peace & Kindness Colloidal Silver Shampoo is sulfate-free and hypoallergenic. It is an excellent alternative to steroids and treats a large variety of skin issues including rashes, hot spots, itchy skin, cuts, scrapes, bites, and dandruff. This shampoo helps speed healing and is great for allergy-prone animals! 


Spectrum One Shampoo is designed for coarse and rough coated breeds but can be used on any coat type that needs added volume and texture! Spectrum One adds lift to double coats and preserves coarse and wire textures!


Spectrum Ten Shampoo is designed for drop and silky coats, it deeply moisturizes and maintains beautiful soft, silky, flowy coat, leaving it gorgeous and shiny! Works great for any coat that needs a little bit of weight to create a flowy, drop look!


For more information visit the product pages for each of these shampoos or contact Wheatley Wares by email: or phone: 905-648-9229



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