Chris Christensen - Brushes

Chris Christensen's collection of brushes are made of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.  Each brush has been uniquely designed to meet a variety of brushing needs.

Every pin in our pin brush has been ground and polished to create soft round tips that glide through the coat. Our slicker brushes are crafted with non-clickable padding. And our boar bristles are the finest quality real boar. Careful selection of materials means less coat breakage and offers exceptional comfort to your canine. Each tool is also ergonomically designed to give you the control, comfort and results you need.

Long Hair Brushes

Original Series - Stainless Steel  Pins. Greatest selection of styles and sizes.
Gold Series - Gold Plated Stainless Steel Pins. Less static but only 3 sizes.
Fusion Series - Brass Pins. Least amount of status. Various sizes.
T-Brushes - Based on Original Series in 3 sizes.
Slicker - Wide assortment of short pin dematting brushes
Big K (Black) - Long Slicker Pins in 3 sizes. Great for dematting long, thick hair.
Big G (Coral) - 30% more pins than Big K. Great for styling and line brushing.
Andreas - Boar and Nylon for long flowing coats (great for cats)
Wood Pin - The brush for dogs and cats that don't like to be brushed
Slip Brush - Professional, Oblong version of the Wood Pin Brush

Breezy - Stainless Steel Pins with Soft, Medium and Firm cushions

Short Hair Brushes

Boar Bristle - Creates a natural shine.
Ionic Brass & Boar - Collects dander and creates a natural shine

Ionic Brass & Nylon - Collect dander and creates shine in wire coats

Specialty Brushes

Terrier Palm Pad - Great for stiff Wire Coats
Chalk Brushes - Holds the chalk, so it can be applied to the hair

Brush Cleaner - Use with OC Magic Foam to clean the pad of a pin brush

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