Whitman's - Stripping & Carding

DiamaStripper comes in 4 Models:

  • DiamaStripper With Teeth - For removing undercoat, blending and finishing
  • DiamaStripper With No Teeth - For topcoat and takedowns
  • DiamaStripper Micron - Small version of "No Teeth" Model
  • DiamaStripper Micron XS - Even smaller version of "No Teeth" Model

Proper hair growth is extremely important in maintaining the coat on a rough coated dog.  If the hair is not pulled correctly the results will not be optimal.  

The diamond electroplating on the DiamaStrippers prevents slippage of hair. 

This, along with the ergonomic handle, allows the person hand-stripping to not over grip while using the DiamaStrippers which helps eliminate arm/hand fatigue.

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