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The first exclusive cat line to address the needs of each coat type, Top Cat is your one stop shop for all your feline grooming needs.

Pre-Bath Degreaser, Clarifying Shampoo, Facial Wash, Volume and Shine Shampoos are accompanied by four color treatments for all your cat bathing needs.

A Body Boost Coat Treatment and a Finishing Rinse round out your cat’s time in the bathtub.

Finish with our Anti-Static Styling Spray and whether you are grooming your cat at home or for exhibition, Top Cat will have your cat looking it’s best.

 Choosing the Right Product

We separated the different breeds into 3 coat types: Satin | Silky | Full

  • Satin coated cats have soft, thick and glossy coats. If your cat is an Abyssinian, British Shorthair, Russian Blue or has a coat similar to these it has a Satin coat. Domestic Shorthairs also fall into this category.
  • Silky coated cats have medium to long, silky, smooth and fine coats. If your cat is an American Curl, Balinese, Somali or has a coat similar to these it has a Silky coat.
  • Full coated cats have textured, dense, often crimped or bent coats that can feel hard to the touch. If your cat is Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll or has a coat similar to these it has a Full coat.

* Specialty coated cats like the Sphynx do well with the Satin coat type products.


How to Use... 

Step 1 - Bathe:

Using the right shampoo will dramatically enhance the coat

  • Pre Bath Degreaser: Removes excess oils due to stud tail and oil build-up.
  • Clarifying Shampoo: Removes dirt, debris and oils from the coat. Great for all coat types.
  • Shine Shampoo: Increases shine and moisture in the coat. Great for Satin and Silky coat types.
  • Volume Shampoo: Increases all over density and volume, and maintains texture. Great for full coat types.
  • Facial Wash: Gently cleans the face without burning the eyes.
  • Finishing Rinse: Locks in the benefits from shampoo and treatments, and decreases drying time.

Step 2 - Treatment:

Use colour treatment shampoos to correct coat colour.

  • Wonderful White Shampoo: Brightens all coat colours and whiten whites.
  • Brilliant Black Shampoo: Enhances black coats and removes red tones.
  • Radiant Red Shampoo: Restores red tones.
  • Gorgeous Gold Shampoo: Restores gold tones.

Step 3 - Style:

Get maximum results...

  • Body Boost Coat Treatment: Increases overall body and boosts volume; also works to repair damage.
  • Anti-Static Styling Spray: Diffuses static and increases shine. 

Fragrance Profile:

Reduced fragrance to avoid irritation to the cat’s skin & eyes.

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