B3 Salon Products

Dog shampoo, horse shampoo, pet cologne and luxury fragrance products from B3 salon can bring cutting edge professional grooming technology to your shop, home or stable.  B3 has designed a line of products that can replace the need for color specific products as it works as a whitener, brightener and optical brightener to all coat types and textures.

B3 shampoos will deep clean your animals without stripping natural oils and is designed to dilute 40:1, making it an economic top shelf animal shampoo great for use on dogs, cats and horses.  A perfect product for maintaining show coats as well as great for routine grooming.

B3 pet shampoo, dog shampoo and horse shampoo will provide proper skin and coat care to all types of colors and coats.  Our pet cologne and luxury fragrance products are also skin and coat friendly, containing no alcohol or paraben, preventing the fading of your animals coat.  Contact us today to find out more about our professional grooming products which are all proudly made in America.

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