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The DiamaGroove Pinnacle and Boxer set the ultimate standard for Groomer Dremel Tool in toenail maintenance.  Designed to outperform any other toenail maintenance device.

The electroplated diamond is premium grade.  Premium grade diamond keeps the nails cool while grinding, lasts VERY LONG, does not entangle hair easily, and is safer to use. 

Instead of inserting the Diamagroove ‘into’ the collet on the Dremel (TM) tool … we removed the collet and the collet insert. Then we threaded built threads into the DiamaGroove itself so it attaches DIRECTLY to your Dremel. This design virtually eliminates the vibration caused from compromised/worn Dremel-style rotary motors.

The Pinnacle offers an hourglass shape giving you a 'ride-line' to easily position the nail.  This is ideal when you have a dog that is nervous or wild when getting their nails Dremeled, or if you are an inexperienced handler.

The Boxer offers more of a 'pyramid-shape,' with a bit of tip that is more narrow than the base.  This offers more versatility to get closer to the paw, go over the top of the nail, or to get under/around nails that are a bit curved under.  Many customers who show dogs prefer the Boxer model because they feel it is easier to grind the top of the nail when trying to eliminate any discoloration.

The Pinnacle and Boxer are both offered in 3 Grits: Standard, Medium & Fine. 

  • Standard Grit is the most popular.  It is the most aggressive of the 3 grits and will get the nails filed down in the least amount of time. 
  • Medium Grit will give you a similar outcome as the Standard, but with a smoother finish; the Medium will take a while longer than the Standard to get the length of nail filed down. 
  • Fine Grit is the perfect grit for finishing work, you will obtain an ultra smooth finish with the Fine grit; it is not necessarily meant for taking much length off of the nail, as it will take much longer to achieve this.

Our third model is the Detailer.  Its shape resembles the Boxer model but on a smaller scale.  It is great for smaller breeds or for finishing and detail work on all breeds. It is only offered in Medium and Fine. 

All 3 Styles (Pinnacle, Boxer and Detailer) can be special ordered in a Coarse Grit.

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