Champagne - Show Leads & Collars

Champagne Show Chains are designed for professional handlers and Dog Show Enthusiasts. These stylish and sophisticated collars provide an elegant presentation without drawing attention away from the dog, and are available in different styles and colors for that perfect match.

  • Slip Curve
    • Classic curved chain
    • Choose from 1.4mm or 1.6mm sizing
  • Snake Curve
    • Smooth snake-style chain will not catch on the coat
    • Choose from 1.8mm or 4.5mm sizing
  • Flat Link Snake
    • Smooth flat-style chain will not catch on the coat
    • 7.5mm thickness
  • Martingale
    • Great for Greyhounds, Whippets, and other dogs with narrow heads
    • Use for anxious and fearful dogs to prevent fleeing when walking
    • Prevents dogs from backing out of the collar

Disclaimer: Most Show Collars are intended for use in the show ring and are not designed for everyday use.

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