Breeder - Serendipity Acres

Here are some Grooming Tools and a few other related products for Serendipity Acres, Breeders of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and Cavapoos.

New Puppy Families will be given a Discount Code for 10% OFF their First Purchase. That purchase may include these and/or any other items in the Wheatley Wares Store.

 A great New Puppy Starter Kit should include:

  • A Small Wood Pin Brush for gentle brushing
  • Ice on Ice Ready To Use to help condition the coat and soften mats and tangles
  • A Small Flexible Slicker Brush to separate the hairs and remove all tangles
  • A Combination Comb to check your work 

You can Step-up Your Grooming Game later with:

  • Ice on Ice Ultra to help break down the most stubborn mats and tangles
  • Small Big K Long Pin Slicker (Wavy Coats) or Small Big G Long Pin Slicker (Curly Coats) to separate the hair in the thicker/longer coats 

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